Friday, September 13, 2019

How to Make Sanitizers with your Essential Oils

We've created a video on how to use the CDL Naturals Unscented Sanitizer to mix in your favorite essential oils and make your very own sanitizers. It's very easy! You can mix in any essential oil or fragrance oil from any brand :)

Steps to make your own Sanitizer:

  1. Get a sprayer bottle. You can buy a new one or reuse old ones. Best if you keep it at 50mL-100mL so its still handy and can fit your bag.
  2. Clean the sprayer bottle and remove the old labeling.
  3. Fill the sprayer bottle with CDL Naturals Unscented Sanitizer. Leave some space for essential oils and sprayer.
  4. Start dropping essential oils directly to the sprayer. We recommend using 0.5% up to 1% of total volume for the essential oil. For example, for a 50mL Sanitizer, you will need 5-20 drops of essential oils. Remember, less is more.
  5. If your Sanitizer becomes cloudy, these are the possibilities:
    • Too much essential oil: you probably put in too much oils. Use lesser oils next time. Don't go too far from the recommended limits.
    • The Essential Oil is too polar: some essential oils can behave differently, and some aren't easily solubilized by alcohol. Sometimes you may need to give it time to clear up. Waiting for a few days will result in clarity. If not, use lesser oils next time.
    • Something's wrong with the oil: We've tried all our oils as well as other brands' oils. They all work with our sanitizer. If the above suggestions don't work, we don't know what else to suggest.