Monday, November 9, 2015

Growing Lavender in the Philippines Update 1

As promised here's our update regarding our Lavender Officinalis plant. 2 months after we've posted that we're trying to grow lavender, a lot of its leaves started to dry out. Here's a look of how she's doing:

A month ago, we noticed an increase of leaves turning brown, and this was around the time that Metro Manila was getting more rainfall so we carefully re-potted the plant to a clay pot. It helped a bit, but typhoon Lando came and the noticeable impact of too much water showed. More than 50% of the leaves suddenly began to grow limp and a few days later, they just went brown. We've also tried spraying the plant with foliar, in case the roots are not functioning anymore and it seemed to have helped. A major concern right now is that there has been sporadic rains which may aggravate the case further inspite of a potting medium with very good drainage.

To sum up, here's a few things we've surmised while we're taking care of the plant:
  1. Lavender is such a sensitive plant. Slight changes affect it a lot.
  2. Protect the roots from too much water. Rain doesn't seem to do the plant much good, especially if it soaks up the area where its roots are. Controlling the water is essential to the plant's survival. Watering every 2 days may work, and using less water is best practice in this case.
  3. Avoid moving the plant constantly. It seemed to hate being moved from one place to another because we're hiding it from the rain. Perhaps a cover during rains may work instead.
  4. Lavender likes the sun. It can survive with partial sun, but if there's a place where it can get full sun, the better. If the plant is just getting partial sun, take it easy on watering a bit further.
  5. Foliar spray may have help the plant if you want to give it a boost of nutrients.
Hopefully, our plant survives this bout and no one accidentally waters it out of schedule. Nevertheless, whatever the outcome of our plant will be, we're already working on preparing for our next batch of lavender plants. We've recently bought lavender seeds and made plans for a mini greenhouse so we can apply what we've learned better.