Monday, August 12, 2013

Super-Moisturize Your Castile Soaps

Image from Mix97
To a lover of Natural Products, more likely than not, you've known that Castile Soaps are awesome in moisturizing and taking care of the skin, depending on how the soap has been made. But of course there is a way of increasing the moisturizing properties of your Natural Soaps.

First, you have to understand how this works.

Every bottle or bar of soap is a delicate balance, thus the soapmaker has to have considerable experience in making soaps, aside from some functional knowledge of chemistry and a lot of patience. Most liquid soaps are on the sweet spot that lies between too much oil and too much lye. Here is where the skill of the soapmaker is essential, as well as the knowledge of what oils to use so the desired effect of the soap can be attained. Coconut Oils are super cleansing when made into soap, Olive oil is very moisturizing and Palm Oil creates very good lather. To create a good soap, these know-hows are all applied.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Passionfruit Oil Extraction Project

So after a few days of figuring out how to extract the oil of Passionfruit Seeds, we've been pretty successful apparently.

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, drying the seeds were as easy as batting your eyelashes. Even though its the rainy season, a quick date with the morning and midday sun, the seeds were dry. What we were attempting is a cold-press method. When you're going natural, there's no way but cold-press, although its quite a tiresome method.

Friday, August 2, 2013

We're Making Passionfruit Seed Oil

Nowadays, in order to get high quality natural products, people have to do it on their own. That's really how Casa de Lorenzo Soaps came about, since we don't want to use detergents sold as soaps on our skin anymore, we made our own soaps (Read Why I Started Casa de Lorenzo). It was enjoyable, and one variant came after another. We're having so much fun in doing things on our own, we've decided since there's a shortage of supply of quality natural products here in the Philippines, we're going to make raw materials ourselves and one of our targets is making Passionfruit Seed Oil.