Friday, October 25, 2013

Benefits of Calamansi Essential Oil

Image from Elaynam
This is one tough article to make since there's not much that can be said about Calamansi Essential Oil. There is little research about the oil and its fairly unappreciated yet.

We all know about Calamansi. Its what we use in making juices, cooking, cleaning and laundry. From the supermarkets to the little sari-sari store by the street, Calamansi is available. It is just an essential part of a Filipino's life. Like Lemon and other citrus fruits, Calamansi produces essential oils from its skin.

What are its benefits? First, its scent. Calamansi Essential Oil has the capacity to help deodorize any bad odor. It eliminates the unwanted odors by overpowering other scent molecules in the air since the human nose is a lot more sensitive and appreciative to citrus smells. Making a linen spray of Calamansi Essential Oil will definitely keep your room or any area of your house smelling fresh and wonderful.

Secondly, smelling Calamansi Essential Oil can affect behavior. Studies gave indications that Calamansi Essential Oil have anti-anxiety effects. Just by smelling it, one can feel relaxed and refreshed, some even feeling a tingling effect while smelling.

Third, Calamansi Essential Oil has antimicrobial properties. It is not only astringent, but it can inhibit the growth of bacteria. Adding it on the stuff that you use when cleaning the sink or your bathroom not only deodorizes, but helps eliminate bad bacteria present in those surfaces. Although there are other stronger antiseptic essential oils than calamansi, it can still do the job pretty well.

Image from Assbach
Fourth, it can help relieve symptoms of respiratory ailments. Best if combined with Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils. Place boiling water on a huge bowl and place a few drops of Calamansi, Peppermint and Eucalyptus and start inhaling the steam.

Fifth, mouthwash. Place a few drops of Calamansi essential oil in a glass of water and stir. Begin to gargle with the solution. It helps elimate bad breath and disinfects your mouth.

Its pretty wonderful to know that there's something local and very Filipino that can be used like Lemon. Since we are the world's largest producer of Calamansi, we should take advantage of the abundant supply here in the country.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Soapy Friends Promo

We're not saying things between you and your friends are "soapy." We just want you to share to your friends and help spread the word on natural stuff, especially about Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps.

Here's our latest gift to all of the believers of taking care of skin naturally and in taking care of the environment. We hope that sharing to other people your experiences in bathing using Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps will convince them to try. And because you shared us, whatever soap your friend get, you'll get it too!

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  1. Open to everyone.
  2. Tell your friends about Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps and encourage to try. As our gift to you, whatever soap they get from Casa de Lorenzo, you also get it for FREE!
  3. Simply ask them to use the special ordering form on our promo page (Link here: ), add your name and mobile number, and we'll contact you separately.
  4. After the successful delivery of your friend's soaps, we will deploy your package. Please note that shipping will be care of recipient.
  5. Soapy Friends will end October 7, 2013.
  6. For further questions or inquiries, please contact us at 0939-9192916 or email us at

Monday, August 12, 2013

Super-Moisturize Your Castile Soaps

Image from Mix97
To a lover of Natural Products, more likely than not, you've known that Castile Soaps are awesome in moisturizing and taking care of the skin, depending on how the soap has been made. But of course there is a way of increasing the moisturizing properties of your Natural Soaps.

First, you have to understand how this works.

Every bottle or bar of soap is a delicate balance, thus the soapmaker has to have considerable experience in making soaps, aside from some functional knowledge of chemistry and a lot of patience. Most liquid soaps are on the sweet spot that lies between too much oil and too much lye. Here is where the skill of the soapmaker is essential, as well as the knowledge of what oils to use so the desired effect of the soap can be attained. Coconut Oils are super cleansing when made into soap, Olive oil is very moisturizing and Palm Oil creates very good lather. To create a good soap, these know-hows are all applied.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Passionfruit Oil Extraction Project

So after a few days of figuring out how to extract the oil of Passionfruit Seeds, we've been pretty successful apparently.

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, drying the seeds were as easy as batting your eyelashes. Even though its the rainy season, a quick date with the morning and midday sun, the seeds were dry. What we were attempting is a cold-press method. When you're going natural, there's no way but cold-press, although its quite a tiresome method.

Friday, August 2, 2013

We're Making Passionfruit Seed Oil

Nowadays, in order to get high quality natural products, people have to do it on their own. That's really how Casa de Lorenzo Soaps came about, since we don't want to use detergents sold as soaps on our skin anymore, we made our own soaps (Read Why I Started Casa de Lorenzo). It was enjoyable, and one variant came after another. We're having so much fun in doing things on our own, we've decided since there's a shortage of supply of quality natural products here in the Philippines, we're going to make raw materials ourselves and one of our targets is making Passionfruit Seed Oil.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Many Benefits of Castile Soap

Castile Soap, originally came from Spain, popular with royalty and upper class citizens. In the Old World definition, Castile Soap is made strictly from Olive Oil, Water and Alkali. Nowadays, the definition widened, which included all soaps made from vegetable oils. And presently, there is bar Castile Soap and Liquid Castile Soap.

What are the benefits of Castile Soap? Read on to find out.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Manila Castile Soap Day on Independence Day

In celebration of our country's 115th commemoration of our Independence, we're letting everyone try a few bottles of an All-Filipino Natural Soap.

This June 12, 2013, starting at 12 midnight, all you have to do is to go and visit the Casa de Lorenzo Promo Page, leave your name, email and contact number on the form that will be available on Philippine Independence Day. The first 20 to sign up will be contacted and confirmed to get (1) 250mL Bottle of Calamansi Manila Castile Soap, our newest variant.

Only Natural Ingredients indigent to the Philippines make it to a bottle of Manila Castile Soap. Combining the Cleaning power of Virgin Coconut Oil Soap, the Moisturizing properties of Rice Bran Oil Soap, and the Lather of Palm Oil Soap, the Manila Castile Soap Variant is a great addition to Casa de Lorenzo. Scented with locally-sourced Essential Oils from plants and flowers of the Philippines, every bottle is delightful to the senses when bathing.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why I Started Casa de Lorenzo

Oftentimes, life puts in your path something that leads you which direction to go. When you let life take the reins, there's a lot of surprises along the way. This is how I was led to making Castile Soaps.

Casa de Lorenzo Soaps were born out of a need for something better. Years ago, my eldest daugther had sensitive skin. She'd have dermal irritation frequently, and often times, she'd have chicken skin. So we did some troubleshooting, trying different skin products. Eventually we realized that she was reacting to some ingredients of the soaps that we use, so we tried to find alternatives.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Soften Your Hands with Avocado

Its May already, and here in the Philippines, the season of Avocado is about to reach its peak. Such a great time to take advantage of the things this seasonal fruit brings.

Did you know that Avocado in general is a great source of ingredients for beauty products? It is rich in essential nutrients and amino acids that are extremely beneficial to skin. Here's one of the ways on how your skin can benefit from Avocado aside from just eating it.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Inventory Soap Sale

We're midway through summer and all that fun with the sun and the beaches are just half-way done. And since we've been busy the past few months coming up with new things, we're finally close to surprise everyone with our new products and packaging!

But before that happens, we're clearing our inventory to give way for the new ones. That is why we're giving 50% OFF on our Castile Soap and Old Fashioned Soap 250mL and 500mL bottles. Really limited supplies, check the promo page of our website for the latest count of the remaining bottles.

This might also be the last time we're giving this really huge discount, so please, take advantage of it.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Using Citrus Oils on Natural Soaps

Citrus Oils are known to be phototoxic, especially Bergamot and Lime Essential Oils. Phototoxic means when the essential oil is placed on the skin and exposed to the sun, a chemical reaction is triggered and can cause severe burns. Since Citrus Oils are believed to be phototoxic, people avoid using them on skin products. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Valentines Soap Giveaway

You asked for it, you got it! In celebration of our 1,000 Likes in Facebook and the coming Valentine's Day this February, there will be (5) winners for this Giveaway, but we're not just handing out our regular best sellers but something you won't get everyday.

We've created a few bottles of Limited Edition natural liquid bath soaps scented with CHOCOLATES and ROSES. Because we want you to feel the love, our prizes are (1) 250mL Chocolate Old Fashioned Soap and (1) 250mL Roses Castile Soap for each winner. That means we're giving away (10) bottles of Natural Liquid Soap this time!

To join, just follow the simple steps below:

1. Download the image of Roses and Chocolates Liquid Soap to your computer.
2. Post the image in your Facebook Timeline and comment something about Valentines.
3. Comment below the link of your Facebook Timeline to let us know you joined.
4. Ask your friends to share!

Please be reminded to make the setting for this post "public" so we can review how many shares your post got when the contest ends on February 1, 2013. Announcement of winners will be on the next day February 2, 2013.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Benefits of Castile Soap

All over the world, people know about Castile Soap. In Europe, it has been used for centuries by almost everyone, from peasants to royalty. Now, it has been made more available to everyone and with the globalization phenomenon plus the wealth of information in cyberspace, Castile Soap has reached every country in the planet.

What makes Castile Soap so special? Well, true Castile Soaps are made from Olive Oil, but soaps made from natural oils are considered Castile Soaps nowadays. Any soap made with Olive Oil is an amazing soap. It is highly moisturizing because of a high level of emollients and unsaponifiable materials that help seal moisture in skin, thus making it very soft. Some people even claim that you won't need to use lotion after bathing.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Liquid Soaps Giveaway Poll

We now have over 1,000 LIKES on Facebook, and this calls for celebration! As our way of saying thanks, we're having another splurge of giveaways. Now, we'd love to ask for your help in making our biggest giveaway, worth P3,500 of Natural Liquid Soaps, happen the way you want.

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