Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Promo

This Christmas season, we're waiving off all shipping fees! Whatever you order from us via the website, SMS or email, you don't get to pay courier costs. Whether you are in Metro Manila, or on any part of the Philippines (so as long as there's courier access), don't worry about delivery charges, its on the Casa!

Another great reason to enjoy our Castile Soaps, Essential oils and Carrier oils!

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our Fascination with Natural Soaps

Cheesy may it sound, our soaps come from a deep respect and fascination of nature. Many would not understand how real soaps are made, all that everyone sees is an amber bottle labeled castile soap from us. To the ones who enjoy our products, we'd like you to know more about it. For the ones who are still pondering to try, read on, you might see a good reason why.

Our castile soaps are made from oils. Not added with oils, but made from oils. All fatty substances can be made into soap, and depending on the oils used, a soap can either be highly moisturizing, bubbly or a highly cleansing one. Olive Oil soap can condition the skin, Coconut Oil soap is very cleansing to the point it can dry out the skin, and Palm Oil soap can be a very boring one on its own. However, mixing them together in the right amounts, you get something wonderful. We stick around with what Mother Nature offers and stay close to it. Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps itself are proof of this.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Benefits of Avocado Oil

Image from Lindsay's Blog
We are all familiar with the Avocado Fruit. For us Filipinos, one way or another we have seen these fruits on display on the market or fruit stands. Our parents might have prepared a dessert of milk and avocadoes, or maybe had eaten guacamole with some Mexican dishes. To those who don't know, guacamole is originally made from Avocadoes.

Here in the country, not much is known about this wonder fruit aside from being eaten. We are even ignorant about the nutritional values of the fruit, while on other countries, lots of research has been discovering benefits of the avocado comparable and sometimes even exceeding those of olives. Many are even surprised to hear that the avocado fruit contains oils.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Differences Between our Castile Soaps

Image by KikaySiMaria
Casa de Lorenzo makes different kinds of castile soaps. For natural soap enthusiasts in the Philippines, this is a good to know piece of info, especially if one is particular about the effects of soap on their skin.