Friday, October 25, 2013

Benefits of Calamansi Essential Oil

Image from Elaynam
This is one tough article to make since there's not much that can be said about Calamansi Essential Oil. There is little research about the oil and its fairly unappreciated yet.

We all know about Calamansi. Its what we use in making juices, cooking, cleaning and laundry. From the supermarkets to the little sari-sari store by the street, Calamansi is available. It is just an essential part of a Filipino's life. Like Lemon and other citrus fruits, Calamansi produces essential oils from its skin.

What are its benefits? First, its scent. Calamansi Essential Oil has the capacity to help deodorize any bad odor. It eliminates the unwanted odors by overpowering other scent molecules in the air since the human nose is a lot more sensitive and appreciative to citrus smells. Making a linen spray of Calamansi Essential Oil will definitely keep your room or any area of your house smelling fresh and wonderful.

Secondly, smelling Calamansi Essential Oil can affect behavior. Studies gave indications that Calamansi Essential Oil have anti-anxiety effects. Just by smelling it, one can feel relaxed and refreshed, some even feeling a tingling effect while smelling.

Third, Calamansi Essential Oil has antimicrobial properties. It is not only astringent, but it can inhibit the growth of bacteria. Adding it on the stuff that you use when cleaning the sink or your bathroom not only deodorizes, but helps eliminate bad bacteria present in those surfaces. Although there are other stronger antiseptic essential oils than calamansi, it can still do the job pretty well.

Image from Assbach
Fourth, it can help relieve symptoms of respiratory ailments. Best if combined with Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils. Place boiling water on a huge bowl and place a few drops of Calamansi, Peppermint and Eucalyptus and start inhaling the steam.

Fifth, mouthwash. Place a few drops of Calamansi essential oil in a glass of water and stir. Begin to gargle with the solution. It helps elimate bad breath and disinfects your mouth.

Its pretty wonderful to know that there's something local and very Filipino that can be used like Lemon. Since we are the world's largest producer of Calamansi, we should take advantage of the abundant supply here in the country.

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