Friday, July 20, 2012

Using Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most well-known and the most consumed essential oil in the world. Found almost in all bath and body products, the scent is very familiar. Although Lavender is not cultivated locally in the Philippines, Lavender essential oils are still available in the country. One has to be careful though, where to buy because many still don't know the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils as only real essential oils have healing properties. Lavender is extremely useful because of its antiseptic, antidepressant, and other properties that help the human body. It is generally safe and has no restrictions in usage, thus every home should keep a bottle of Lavender essential oil. Here are some of the ways you can use Lavender Essential Oil. Please note that these recommendations are tried and tested home remedies, but consulting a health professional is advised especially in severe and special cases.

Burns. Lavender essential oil has been used to treat burns for a very long time. Its anti-inflammatory effects and antiseptic properties make it ideal as a first aid on heat damaged skin. Not only does the essential oil promote rapid healing, but it can reduce the pain. Often times, when immediately applied on the burn area, the skin will recover very quickly and no scar will be left behind. The rule here is the sooner the burn is treated with Lavender, the better. Apply undiluted directly to the damaged skin. Repeat as needed. Healing begins immediately as Lavender stimulates cells of a wound to regenerate more quickly.

Cuts and other wounds. The first step is cleaning the wound by removing dirt, grease or any foreign substance in the wound with warm water and soap. We recommend using Castile Soap instead of using detergents as the latter may cause more irritation. Make sure the bleeding stops first before putting Lavender essential oil directly in the wound. After application, cover the wound with a gauze treated with Lavender essential oil and change the dressing twice a day.

Coughs and Colds. Lavender can help in relieving people experiencing coughs and colds by strengthening the immune system, acts as an antibiotic and detoxifier, and as a sedative. It is recommended by aromatherapists that Lavender essential oil be used in combination with other essential oils, but of course it can be used alone. When a person experiences cough or colds, steam inhalation is best with Lavender. Put a few drops of Lavender essential oil and inhale deeply. The steam will help loosen up mucus and deliver essential oils deep into the body for faster recovery.

Headaches. When there is pain in the head, the best way to go is to the doctor's clinic for a consultation, especially if it doesn't go away. On most cases, almost all headaches can be helped by Lavender. You can use it undiluted or diluted in your favorite carrier oil and massage around the temples, base of the skull, the hairline, etc. Relaxation will occur and symptoms will subside.

Insect Repellant. Most insects hate the presence of Lavender essential oil in the environment, making it a very good and natural insect repellant. One can mix Lavender essential oil in a spray bottle with vodka and spray around the room to drive out insects. It can also be applied on skin so mosquitoes won't bite or one can create thin strips of paper dipped in Lavender essential oil then strung into windows, doors or where there is good ventilation. This way, the whole room gets filled with the scent that relaxes and soothes the mood of the room, as well as rid it of bugs.

There are still many ways that Lavender can be used, but these are the most helpful especially if you belong to a house that has children or has physically active inhabitants. Lavender is not only relieves stress as popularly known, but it is bundled with all the benefits. So far, no plant in the Philippines has been identified as helpful as Lavender so while waiting for one to be discovered, let's make use of what's available. Get a bottle of Lavender essential oil and see for yourself how beneficial it is.

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