Saturday, August 11, 2012

Essential Oils for the Rainy Days

Its the typhoon and rainy season again in the country. The Philippines being in the tropical part of the world, we experience a lot of rainfall per year. With the rains come plenty of things that can threaten our health and those of our loved ones. But a lot of these can be helped and managed by essential oils. Here's a list of stuff you might encounter during the monsoon season and how you can use of essential oils as home remedies on such situations. One big reminder though, most essential oils are not recommended to pregnant and babies under 3 months old so avoid using it on them. Also, these home remedies are only effective if what you are using are real essential oils.

Common Colds. One of the biggest problem during the rainy season is people get colds. Its very common, since the immune system of most people are weakened during this part of the year. Add the close contact with people in public transportation, malls, offices and schools, common colds is on a spreading spree. To battle common colds, a boost of the immune system works best. Thyme, Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils will do the job for you and there are many ways how it can be done.

Steam inhalation works best as steam loosens mucus while the essential oils vapors gets directly into your lungs and bloodstream. Add 2 or 3 drops of Thyme, Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils to your vaporizer or steamer, you can even use just boiled water on a bowl and put essential oils there, and inhale deeply. Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils can also help de-clog your nose and boost your immune system. Place a few drops of Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oil in a handkerchief or tissue and inhale deeply whenever possible.

Coughs. It is very irritating and very disruptive. Coughs are very tricky since it could be because of a lot of reasons, so should it persist longer, consult a physician. For any type of cough, lemon and honey of the same proportion helps, but since kalamansi is more common here in the country, use that instead. Mix in warm water and sip slowly. Do the steam inhalation (like in colds) but add Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oil on the vaporizer or steamer. Massage your chest and back with 2-3 drops Peppermint and Thyme essential oil mixed in your favorite carrier oil. Just remember that small quantities of essential oils will do the trick so be careful not to overdo it.

Flu. When you get cough and colds, there is a big chance you can also get flu. Influenza is very debilitating, but since its caused by viruses, once the immune system gets a grip, recovery follows. Usually, the treatment for cough and colds could do the trick. The steam inhalation and the massage (to ease aching body parts) will help boost the immune system greatly. Spraying your room with Thyme and Lavender essential oil mixed in vodka and water will help curb the spread of virus to other members of the household. Don't forget to take plenty of liquids.

Fevers. When you get a high fever, the best thing to do is consult a competent physician. Tropical diseases are deadly, and it usually begins with a fever. During the rainy season, various deadly sickness like malaria, typhoid, dengue, leptospirosis etc etc are prevalent, so being vigilant is key. For non-threatening cases of fever, bed rest and plenty of liquids is the best solution. Manage the temperature by sponging with water mixed with Lavender, Eucalyptus or Peppermint essential oil. Spraying the room with Thyme and Lavender essential oil would be a great idea.

Mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquitoes are hunting for a spot to bite on you, while other insects could be just taking shelter from the rain. Still, they can cause insect-borne diseases (too many to say) so the best way is to get rid of them. Here's the link of an article about Keeping Bugs Away with Essential Oils. You can find there the essential oils you can use to ward off insects and how to use them.

Moodiness. Some people experiences mood swings during the rainy days. Perhaps its because there's a lot of pent up energy since physical activities are on hold whenever it rains. Others get really bored or idle, some run out of things to get busy with inside the house. Whatever the reason may be, essential oils can lighten up a gloomy or lazy day. A few well-known essential oils with anti-depressant properties are from Ylang-ylang, Lavender, Bergamot, Chamomile, Geranium and Rosemary. A few drops of any of the stated essential oils diluted in vodka and water then sprayed at the room will certainly change its atmosphere. Put some in a diffuser and fill the room with anti-depressing scents. Placing some essential oils in strips of paper and tying them on an electric fan or air conditioning unit will be as effective as the diffuser.

Wounds, cuts and abrasions. Because of the rains and the floods, our water-soaked skin becomes softer and easier to get damaged by other objects. Wash the wound as soon as possible with soap and running water, or in water where you put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender essential oil. After drying, apply Lavender essential oil directly to the wound. If you got cut or wounded in the floods or if your wound got exposed to flood waters, a fever later on might be an indication of Leptospirosis infection so consult a doctor immediately.

Diarrhea. You're never really sure what's in the flood waters. On all costs, avoid ingesting it. Children should wash their hands thoroughly before eating or putting their fingers in their mouth, especially when they come in contact with people who waded in the floods. Antibacterial sprays made from Lavender, Tea Tree Oil and Alcohol are great solutions to this threat. Should anyone be afflicted with diarrhea, it is important to rehydrate with liquids and oral rehydration salts. Using Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile, or Peppermint  mixed with carrier oils, apply to the abdomen. Peppermint is particularly very useful in all problems in the digestive tract.

Essential oils can truly help us in our daily lives, even during the rainy season. It has been proven that it can assist in prevention and accelerating the recovery from common diseases if used correctly, with no side effects. You don't have to get all essential oils since not all that's written here happen all at once. If you're starting and want to try out essential oils, go try Lavender since its an all-around essential oil.